Happy customers.

Paul and I just listened to the Splinter album again----really great! "Splinter's 'Never Went Back' - takes us back- to a simpler time- with beautiful 12-string textures, lush harmonies, and lyrics about a world it would seem we no longer inhabit. The voices of Billy Elliott and Bobby Purvis ring out with an effortless clarity, indeed taking us back to the era, 40 years ago, when they were recorded. The Legacy Project is an accomplishment in musical time travel."

"We cannot get enough of this fantastic new Splinter Album Never Went Back, The sound quality is truly excellent, and the songs blend into everybody's life effortlessly. It's so long overdue, it goes everywhere with us. Nigel has done a great job!!"

Danielle Morgan and John Merrigan

Recording artists www.daniellemorganmusic.com

"The Album Never Went Back is superb, and i think its actually the best album they have ever done, its Splinter pure and simple. No producer has done what you have done, more power to your elbow ! The music industry has really screwed up!! In keeping this closed for 39 years. .Well done Nigel Pearce"

Robin Astley

Kentucky USA

"I can't wait for more new music from Splinter. This Never Went Back is great. Thank you so much. "

Richard Stevens

"The New Album Never Went Back is a pure joy, and Nigel you did a great job on the sound !!"

Paul Goddard

"Enjoying the new Splinter CD, It sounds great, and the songs are brilliant!!"

Aaron Bargley

"Great New Splinter CD, !!"

Pete Dicks

"Superb CD indeed what's wrong with the music business 39 years away!!, shame on you. Well done Nigel for getting this done with a great duo, Lets have more from Splinter and really put the business to where it should be !!"

Bryan Oldam

"This new splinter album Never Went Back has had heavy rotation since its arrival, it’s a pure joy"

Mark Plank

"If you are hesitating to order the new Splinter album Never Went Back then don't it’s truly superb and breath-taking listening"

Tom Brennan – California

"This new splinter album is the best album they have ever done, and it's so simple, - this album displays the duo as they always were - a hugely talented duo that were in total harmony with each other. This is how they were when seen live - superb!! Why has it taken 39 years for the music industry to issue this !! Enough said "

Mark Thompson – a true music fan.

"Like many, I have waited for many years to hear the unmistakable style of Billy Elliott and Bobby Purvis collectively known as Splinter once again on album. The sheer depth and breadth of the music they play - and write - is testimony to their obvious talent. Listen to the tracks Passing Through and Another Time Another Place and you will see - or should I say - hear the cross section of their music styles while putting their very own musical stamp upon said tracks. You don’t need to take my word for it - just put it on and enjoy!"

Alan Thompson Broadcaster/Journalist Groove Britain.


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