Splinter to Release New Album October 2020

Thursday October 29th 2020 sees a rare worldwide exclusive event for the group Splinter with the release of their new album!! Their first release for 39 years!!

“Never Went Back” is the prophetic title of their new album their first since 1981. The album consist of rehearsal sessions that culminated in new acoustic versions of some tracks from their last album and a selection of new tracks, all of which were going to be performed on their tour backing Leo Sayer. This album captures Splinter as worldwide fans never heard them on vinyl, a Brilliant Two Man Band!

Splinter themselves came to the fore in in 1974 when they signed for George Harrison’s Dark Horse Record Label, and released the superb “The Place I Love” album which sold successfully the world over and attained the band huge critical success and standing.“Costafine Town/Elly May” was clipped as a single and sold again all around the world attaining No2 in Australia.

Tours and two more Albums came from this highly acclaimed debut, and the next album Harder To Live which contained the haunting “Which Way Will I Get Home”, a song so personal that almost anyone can identify with the yearning for long lost times. “Lonely Man” was another song edited from the album. This song had first appeared in the George Harrison Apple film “Little Malcolm” in 1973.

This new album features both members of Splinter Billy Elliott and Bobby Purvis displaying their skill at writing, performing, and literally singing their hearts out together with effortless harmonisation and intricate melodies all put together with the simplest of musical backing, guitars , harmonica, and basic percussion, it’s simply breath taking and astonishing to think that we the world over have not had any new material from these guys since 1981, in fact it’s a crying shame, which has now been rectified by their new project “The Splinter Legacy”.

“Never Went Back” is the album the fans have craved for since 1981, it’s the boys playing as they were heard on tour live, A Brilliant Two Man Band! Well you need wait no longer, that album you craved for desired and pined for is now here, it has been well worth the wait!

Along with this entirely new project, there is a dedicated Splinter Legacy website www.splinterlegacy.com, which explains what this fascinating project is all about, their hopes, and gives you the fan a greater understanding of the entire project scope, that we plan to undertake. It is a living breathing legacy for one of the world most underrated bands ever. Don’t take my word, see and hear for yourself, it’s absolutely spellbinding!!

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Please contact
Nigel Pearce
PA and advisor to Splinter
Presenter/ Producer/ Writer
Groove Britain
Future Radio 107.8FM – Norwich
Swindon 105.5FM
Radio Stockton FM
UK RADIO – licensee New York City USA
Author The Apples of Our Eyes published by Novum Press March 2020

Colour Photo of the front cover of the Splinter Album
Never Went Back to be released on Thursday October 29th 2020


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