Dateline October / November 2020 – The Splinter Legacy Project. News Update September 2020!

This website is the first link in this Legacy Chain, being compiled and put together in an entirely different format, and the main reason it is different is that it’s up to date and current. So all in all, the news that you read here will be current, fresh and so interesting too.

This Legacy Project is going to be like no other Legacy, for it will feature new material, unheard of by any of you out there, and this will be the only place that you can find out (at source, and first), all about it! Now that takes away a lot of the pain for all of those 39 years! Now that’s what I call good news or is it great news, but it’s the most welcome news regarding Splinter (and you the fans), for a long, long time.

NEW ALBUM IN 2020 !!

This new album containing some unreleased acoustic tracks is to be available to listen to and to buy later this year!! It will present acoustic versions of many of the tracks on their last album, with some new tracks that have never been issued so this will present the true face of Splinter too – it will show them as they always were on tour – A Great Two Man Band!! Yes it is Billy Elliott and Bobby Purvis as you would want to hear them, displaying great vocal work, harmony, and producing great music that will live long in the minds of their fans. In essence it’s a real joy to behold and it is something that we have never had in any of their previous releases. – What a way indeed to start a Legacy!!

There is more, so much more, this album will be available to buy and download online, from the dedicated Splinter online shop and news of that will be released in the very near future. So once again that is something else to keep this website and all it’s details close at hand yes it’s www.splinterlegacy.com better still keep it on your mail-boards, quick finders and all of those instant find me apps too. Don’t forget to post the details to your friends, and keep your ears tuned, it’s coming, and this is the first place to find it!! The only place to find it at source and first!! – So keep coming back, for new information will be posted. None of the tracks will be posted or available officially on line until that magic date comes along, and it will be soon. It has been 39 years since anything new has come along, a little while longer, and all will be revealed.


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