The new Splinter Live In England 1974- 1977 CD/Album is officially released on September 15th. This all-new album contains 14 tracks that form a live concert for the duo from their greatest years of touring England.

The songs were performed at several locations and have ben seamlessly welded together to form an electrifying concert, that you will wish you had witnessed yourself.

All of the tracks have been painstakingly cleaned and filtered to give the very best possible result after them being kept for 45 years. They are alive, bright, clear and intoxicating to the ear, and display the huge talent that Splinter had, and it is a true marvel indeed. There is no re-mixing or changes to the original performances, so what you here now, it’s what you would have heard then, its simply spell bounding to hear after all these years.

So place your orders on the official on line shop, which you can reach via the official website at follow the links and you will have a great Splinter live album to add to your collection .

But wait there is more to come from the Legacy Project, the next album in this brilliant series will contain an even bigger surprise. We have not finished this Legacy Project by a very long way, so keep hold of your tickets and please stay with us to enjoy the ride! You know that you want to!!

The book Inside No3 is progressing very well indeed and is still due for early October release. You will all be kept fully informed

1156-Nigel-Pearce-– Inside-Number-3-cover


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