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Splinter news item for January

Splinter to Release New Album October 2020The Legacy project continues to go from strength to strength and we can now inform you that the reviews of the Never Went Back album have been entirely positive and complimentary. So much so that the album has attained prominent positions in several regional charts including a No 1 position in the 45s charts in the United States of America which is incredible indeed ! So its all...

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December 2020

Splinter to Release New Album October 2020The response to their New Splinter Album Never Went Back has been entirely positive with buyers emailing their comments to us and very good reading they make too. Checkout the Testimonials on the site its that easy!! Both Splinter members thank you very much for the new interest in the band and themselves as musicians whether its new or established fans. Too see the response has been...

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Splinter to Release New Album October 2020

Splinter to Release New Album October 2020Thursday October 29th 2020 sees a rare worldwide exclusive event for the group Splinter with the release of their new album!! Their first release for 39 years!! “Never Went Back” is the prophetic title of their new album their first since 1981. The album consist of rehearsal sessions that culminated in new acoustic versions of some tracks from their last album and a selection of new...

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