May / June Splinter News

Great news indeed!! The new album is coming along and it’s going to be good. It is going to be something again that has never been done, and that’s a live album!!

We have been listening to many many hours of tapes and items from my back archives, and we have been able to obtain, select and use around 14 songs from their UK Tours from 1974 – 1977.

Believe me they sounded fantastic for a two-man band. It follows on from Never Went Back and consolidates that two-man duo which was so good to hear fully on the previous album. Also, the next big plus is that the live album album will contain no songs from Never Went Back, so that increases the Legacy Catalogue by a great margin, and that is fantastic.

it takes a lot of work to get this far, but we have done it by being open to everything and consolidating what is usable, then deciding what we will use, and there are some great surprises in store for all fans of Splinter.

Both of them have contributed with full support, and i can say at this stage as well, that there is already enough material for at least two more albums, which again will continue this Legacy Approach, so all the hard work will produce more great material, so please be patient and hang in there. As we have said it’s coming down the line – we are making tracks!!

Nigel Pearce


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